Three Quarter Society is an independent specialty coffee bar – Wellington born and bred. Serving exclusive coffee: single origin and blends sourced directly from coffee plantations in Africa, South and Central America. 

Over the years brewing and serving coffee in Wellington we have seen our numerous clients moving towards stronger coffee flavour, searching for their perfect flat white with “slightly less milk” or as it is called now “Three Quarter Flat White” .

Since than Three Quarter Flat White has become our signature drink and the reason behind the name. 




coconut flat white   

Add a truly special touch to your drink - select a non diary milk to create your perfect recipe from Almond, Coconut or Soy milk selection. We are glad to bring favourite flavours to your coffee.  


three quarter flat white

Enhancing coffee strength and flavour we offer a double espresso with less milk to deliver more intense and interesting flavour. Ask Barista for our signature Three Quarter Flat White.

IMG_0988 2.JPG

peppermint hot chocolate

Try a range of rich complex hot chocolate, crafted with premium quality "Dutched" cocoa sourced from the renowned cacao growing regions of West Africa: Dark Deluxe, Peppermint, Mayan Chilly, Caramel, Deluxe.